Sedation Dentistry: What to Know Before Your Procedure

The Things You Should Know when Undergoing Sedation Dentistry

The practice of dentistry has long been associated with pain, anxiety and fear. For many years, dental practitioners have been working to develop various approaches to improve patient comfort. They have developed local anesthesia that can virtually remove sensation on the area receiving dental treatment. However, needles and injections still stir fear in some patients. So, how do dentists manage this?

Sedation dentistry became the savior for many patients afraid of dental treatments. With the use of sedative drugs, sedation calms the nervous responses of an apprehensive patient without prompting loss of consciousness. Together with sedation, local anesthesia can produce a relaxing experience for the patients. Most patients come to be unaware of the proceedings of the appointment.

If the patient experiences any disease or illness before the appointment, it is best that the dentist is well informed. There can be medical conditions that may contraindicate the use of sedation sedation-dentistry.jpgdentistry. It is very essential that a patient disclose important systemic and medical conditions like pregnancy. The same goes with any medication that the patient may be taking in. The dentist should be well aware of any of these factors as they may affect the safety and efficiency of the sedatives.

After the appointment, the patient should not drive, operate any machines or appliances, drink alcoholic beverages, work or make any important decisions. Your sedation dentist will be able to tell you how long the effects will last.

As always, if there are any questions they should be properly directed to the dentist. Your sedation dentist will address any confusion regarding the procedure accordingly.

Sedation dentistry is a comfortable option for many patients. Dr Matt VanderMolen and his staff in Advanced Dental Care of Springfield, IL provide a pain and anxiety-free environment for your comfort. If you are interested in trying sedation dentistry, call us at 217-546-3333.

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