Dental Crowns: Increase Your Face Value

Your teeth are covered by enamel which is considered the hardest tissue of human body. Many forces and loads are applied on your teeth, thus a time may come when the enamel gets worn out and you start feeling sensitivity. Aging, parafunctional habits and bruxism can also cause stress and wear to your enamel. When situations such as these or other trauma occur, a crown may be the best choice to protect and restore your tooth.

A prosthesis which covers your tooth completely is called a ‘Dental Crown’. Apart from protection point of view, dental crowns also serve esthetic purposes on the anterior teeth which make up your smile line. They are a quick and durable prosthesis preserving your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on the betterment and preservation of the smile. Smile restorations can also involve dental veneers and tooth colored fillings, but dental crowns not only improve the unsightly appearance of your damaged teeth but they are also helpful in restoring their functional value.

The whole process of fabricating a dental crown involves 3 stages. Firstly, Dr. VanderMolen will prepare the damaged tooth to accept the crown.  In most cases this involves remove some of the tooth enamel.  Secondly, Dr VanderMolen will take the impression of the prepared tooth and the model of the tooth will be fabricated to match your individual smile. After that a temporary crown is placed. Lastly, the permanent crown is fixed on the prepared tooth with cement. Dr. VanderMolen will provide you specific instructions to take care of your crown, ensuring its longevity.

Porcelain is the most widely used material for making crowns and it is considered best for cosmetic dentistry purposes. It is resistant to abrasion and chemical attack. It does not get stained easily and has excellent results considering esthetics. Your new crown will look a feel natural and, with proper hygiene, will last for many years.

Dental crowns can increase your face value by restoring your confident smile.  Call for an appointment with Dr. VanderMolenThe team at Advanced Dental Care will suggest the treatments that are right for you.  Call us today:  (217) 546-3333

Crowns Actual Patient Before and After

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