Facelift Dentistry: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Advanced Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Facelift dentistry is considered one of the more advanced cosmetic dental procedures performed by Dr. VanderMolen. When most people think of a facelift, they automatically think about Botox and surgeries. However, this is not the case when it comes to the dental procedure. Facelift Dentistry is a non-surgical cosmetic dental procedure designed to enhance the smile and shape of the face all at once.

As a patient begins to age, their teeth may also begin to wear down, which can lead to wrinkles around the lips and the jawbone. These wrinkles and creases can cause the patient to look even older than their actual age, which can lower their self-esteem and self-confidence. The Dental Facelift helps to reduce these wrinkles and creases by repairing the teeth and giving them more length so that they are not worn down, thus resulting in a more youthful looking face for the patient. Aging of the teeth is considered normal, especially for patients in their 40’s and 50’s and older. The teeth can wear down due to grinding, using the teeth to open things, or years of neglect. It is not uncommon for a patient of this age to notice that their teeth look a bit smaller and that they are now experiencing wrinkles around the mouth.

Facelift Dentistry allows patients to improve their appearance without having to use expensive cosmetic surgery procedures. The results of the Dental Facelift, however, will be work instantly, are long-lasting, and remove several years off of a person’s face. These results are permanent. Most people do not give much thought as to how the teeth can dramatically change the way that the face looks and are usually shocked to learn that dentistry can work as a permanent facelift solution. Dr. VanderMolen is able to lengthen the teeth by using customized porcelain veneers that are made personally for each patient. After applying these veneers for the patient, the end result is a beautiful smile with a youthful face.  For patients with or needing dentures, Dr. VanderMolen uses Facelift dentistry techniques in custom dentures, giving wearers a more natural, youthful appearance.

To consult with Dr. VanderMolen at Advanced Dental Care of Springfield about the Facelift Dentistry option, call 217-546-3333.  The staff at Advanced Dental Care will give you the beautiful, youthful smile you have been waiting for.

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