Spreading Free Smiles Across Springfield


Spreading Free Smiles Across Springfield

Dr. Matt VanderMolen will host Dentistry From The Heart – providing people with FREE DENTAL CARE on Friday, June 10th 2016.

Springfield, Illinois – June 10th, 2016 – Dr. Matt VanderMolen will host Advanced Dental Care of Springfield’s Seventh Annual Dentistry From The Heart (DFTH) event – providing a FREE day of dental care to more than 100 residents.

The line will begin as early as 5:00 p.m. the night before, with many prepared to camp out in order to receive free services. Dentistry From The Heart patients travel from across Central Illinois every year to Dr. VanderMolen’s Springfield dental practice for the annual free day of dentistry, happening on Friday, June 10th, 2016.

In 2001, Dentistry From The Heart started with New Port Richey dentist Dr. Vincent Monticciolo as a way to giving back to the community and provide aid to the growing number of Americans without dental insurance. Since its inception, Dentistry From The Heart has grown to include over 200 annual events worldwide and provided more than 100,000 people with free dental care services.

Annually, Dr. VanderMolen and his team of dentists, volunteers and sponsors provide the first 100+ patients with a free extraction, filling or cleaning. This is the seventh annual event for Dr. VanderMolen, who has donated tens of thousands of dollarsworth of free dental care to more than 700 Illinois residents.

“It is our favorite day of the year at Advanced Dental Care,” said Dr. VanderMolen. “The services provided by Dentistry From The Heart helps more than just a patient’s teeth, it gives them a renewed reason to smile.”

The media is invited to join the legion of volunteers, patients and Dr. VanderMolen on Friday, June 10th, 2016 to spread free smiles across Springfield through Dentistry From The Heart located at Advanced Dental Care, 4701 Wabash Ave, Springfield, IL 62711. For more information please visit www.dentistryfromtheheart.org. CONTACT: Steve (217)546-3333 or: steve@SmileSpringfield.com.

Dentistry From The Heart is a registered non-profit organization that provides free dental work for people those in need. Every year, Dentistry From The Heart events contribute millions of dollars in free dentistry and help more than 100,000 patients across the United States and around the world. For more information, visit www.dentistryfromtheheart.org

Dentistry From the Heart 2015 Photos

Here are a few pictures from this year’s successful Dentistry From the Heart event:

Check out some of the pictures from this year's Dentistry From the Heart event.Again, a big THANK YOU to everyone that…

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Springfield, IL Cosmetic Dentist Can Give You Good Reasons to Smile

Improving your well-being doesn’t have to involve going to expensive spas or resorts. In many cases, simply smiling can turn a gloomy day into a brighter one. Psychologists have been talking about the positive and long-ranging effects of an ordinary smile, some of which are discussed by behavioral change expert Mark Stibich, PhD, in an article for About Health.

Dental Implants Give Reasons To Smile in Springfield, IL

The Positive Effects of Smiling
Smiling can do wonders in improving a person’s appearance by lifting years off the face. Likewise, the act of smiling at someone is often enough to make one attractive to others, as it projects happiness and even success. Smiling is also known to be highly contagious.

Psychologically, studies have shown that smiling can actually change a person’s mood, as it stimulates the brain to release neuropeptides that help relieve stress, as well neurotransmitters like endorphin and serotonin which promote good mood.

Smile Restoration
Unfortunately, there are many people who are hesitant to smile because they are embarrassed about the condition of their teeth. A less than perfect smile can come from discolored or misaligned teeth, tooth gaps, or even from having prominent gums. Some of these may be caused by genetic factors, while others may be the result of improper hygiene and/or eating the wrong foods.

Springfield, IL residents who are holding back their smiles for these reasons will do well to consult a Springfield, IL cosmetic dentist like Dr. Matt VanderMolen of Advanced Dental Care of Springfield. Cosmetic dentists offer a wide array of services to restore a smile that may be suffering the effects of neglect; or improve a genetically-imposed less-than-perfect smile. Solutions, such as dental veneers, teeth whitening, and Invisalign clear braces, can correct teeth imperfections, and in the process, improve one’s appearance.

The loss of a tooth or several teeth can also be a cause of embarrassment for many. Cosmetic dentists can provide solutions for this as well, through teeth replacements like dentures and bridges. The most commonly recommended solution, however, is a dental implant.

As dental implants are firmly planted into a person’s jawbone, they are more secure and unlikely to fall off or loosen, as is the case with dentures and bridges. Also, because of the way they are attached to the mouth, dental implants look very much like real teeth, making them great smile restoration devices. Springfield, IL locals who are missing some teeth can learn more about the benefits of a dental implant from Springfield, IL dental professionals.

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Sedation Dentistry in Springfield, IL Helps People Get Over Dental Fear

Imagine going through a dental treatment feeling relaxed the whole time without experiencing any type of fear or anxiety. That’s what sedation dentistry in Springfield, IL can do for you. Sedation dentistry performed by a qualified dental practitioner makes it possible for patients to be completely relaxed throughout their dental treatment.

Patient mouth X-Ray for Sedation Dentistry in Springfield, IL
Some people completely dread going to the dentist because of their aversion to and fear of certain dental procedures—even when these are deemed truly necessary for their well-being. Unfortunately, when an important dental treatment is sidestepped, it usually leads to poor oral health, causing the patient’s dental condition to deteriorate even further. Sedation dentistry offers a way to deal with this problem.

Sedation Dentistry Benefits

Sedation dentistry enables people to go through their dental requirements while doing away with the accompanying trepidations. Furthermore, complex dental procedures (those that merit a number of visits) can be done in just one or two sessions, thanks to the procedure. These days, many dentists offer sedation dentistry as a choice to their patients who fear the dentist’s chair.

Methods of Administering Sedatives

Sedation dentistry involves the use of sedative drugs like nitrous oxide (laughing gas), Halcion (a member of the same drug family as Valium), and others. The drugs used in the procedure are not addictive and can be delivered into the patient’s system in four different ways: inhalation, intravenous (IV), oral, and intramuscular (IM). Most of the drugs used are classified as benzodiazepines, which are drugs known to reduce anxiety, insomnia, muscle spasms, and seizures.

Not for Everyone

The drugs used in sedation dentistry are generally safe, but as with any type of drug, there are certain risks attached to them. For instance, people who have obstructive sleep apnea or severe weight problems should talk to their physician first before they undergo sedation dentistry. That’s because they have a high risk of developing complications from the anesthesia.

For a lot of people, sedation dentistry administered by a capable Springfield, IL dentist has made a world of difference. They no longer fear the dentist’s chair and are able to receive the dental treatment they need to improve their lives. Discover more about the procedure and if it’s right for you. Consult with a dentist from trusted offices like the Advanced Dental Care of Springfield. Contact us today at (217) 717-4551 or info@smilespringfield.com


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Things to Know Before Having a Springfield, IL Dentist Whiten Your Teeth

Teeth aren’t called “pearly whites” for nothing. A bright smile showing perfect white teeth is a beauty standard. Anyone with good teeth can look more attractive than one who makes do with her crooked or stained teeth. Teeth whitening can be done DIY or professionally, though the latter is always recommended. Below are some of the useful things you need to know before you go for whitening services from your local Springfield, IL dentist.

Teeth whitening in Springfield, ILProfessional Whitening Is Better – Professional whitening is still the king of the hill when it comes to producing desirable results much faster. In-house whitening is also considered the safest whitening procedure there is due to the latest improvements in teeth whitening products and applications. For instance, gum and tooth sensitivity may have prevented people from trying teeth whitening before, but thicker peroxide gels have made such issues more manageable.

It Can Be Done Anytime – You can go for professional teeth whitening anytime you see fit, and you can have it retouched down the line. There’s no literal “perfect time” to whiten teeth professionally, you’ll just have to find time for it.

It Isn’t Permanent – Teeth whitening isn’t a one-time event. You’ll have whiter teeth after the procedure sure enough, but you need to maintain them. Over time, teeth will gradually get discolored depending on your lifestyle habits; enamel, after all, is porous (peppered with microscopic holes that can absorb staining agents). Don’t leave your local Springfield, IL cosmetic dentistry center like the Advanced Dental Care of Springfield without obtaining some tips for care.

It’s not for Everyone – Professional teeth whitening isn’t for everyone. Crowns, fillings, and other dental work are invulnerable to whitening products. In addition, inherently sensitive teeth, and allergies to substances like peroxide should have you proceed with caution.

Professional teeth whitening is extremely effective at removing organic stains that are primarily caused by aging, certain foods, and vices (i.e. tobacco use). In contrast, inorganic stains caused by certain medications or trauma (a blow causes dentin inside teeth to darken) are resistant to whitening procedures. Consult with Dr. Matt VanderMolen at Advanced Dental Care of Springfield for alternative whitening solutions. Contact us today at (217) 717-4551 or info@smilespringfield.com

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