How Can You Make the Benefits of Sedation Dentistry Work For You?

Dentistry services have evolved considerably over the last few decades. While the procedures themselves have been enhanced with new innovations and technologies, there are also services available that are designed to make patients more comfortable during their treatments.

A prime example of how much dentistry has progressed, sedation dentistry in Springfield, IL is a special dental service that is available through some professionals, and its purpose is to make you feel more relaxed and comfortable throughout your treatments. There are several unique benefits that you can enjoy when you opt for sedation dentistry for routine care or for specialized treatments.

Sedation Dentistry Benefits Springfield, IL

Overcoming Fear and Anxiety

Many people have a general fear about going to the dentist, and some may feel so anxious that they avoid going to the dentist altogether. Whether your fear about sitting in a dental chair makes the process entirely unpleasant for you or you have not been to the dentist in years, sedation can help you to feel more relaxed and at ease throughout the process. Some will only use sedation for significant procedures that they have fears about, and others who have considerably more anxiety about visiting the dentist may use sedation for basic cleaning and hygiene exams.

Getting the Dental Services You Need

Fear and anxiety about dental services can prevent some people from getting the dental treatments they need. Oral health can impact everything from your physical appearance to many aspects of your physical health. Because of this, it is important to get the necessary dental services immediately. Whether you are fearful about getting a dental cleaning for the first time in years or you think that a needed procedure will cause you pain, you can use sedation services to make the entire process more comfortable and relaxing for you.

Visit an authorized sedation dentist

Sedation dentistry is only available through select dental offices. If your current dentist does not provide these services and you believe that you would benefit from them, it may benefit you to change dental providers. Sedation can make it easier and more comfortable for many to get the services they need, and you can begin exploring the options available today.

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With Sedation Dentistry, Patients with Dental Phobia can Breathe Easy

For most people, visits to a dentist can bring them anxiety, but for 9 to 15 percent of Americans, simply the idea of dental visits already terrifies them. When you ask these adults what it is about dentists that they fear the most, you’re bound to get different answers. Some aren’t big fans of their dentist’s tools, while others may have had a bad experience while sitting on the dental chair.

Sedation Dentistry Overcomes Dental Phobia in Springfield, IL

Do-It-Yourself Dentistry Out of Fear

In the case of some people like 48-year-old Angie Barlow from the U.K., it was a horrible experience that made her avoid dental visits altogether. In a BBC documentary titled “The Truth About Your Teeth”, Barlow confessed that she had been avoiding dental visits for almost a decade and opting to superglue her broken teeth instead.

“I’ve always been scared of the dentist because my mum died at 34 from throat cancer,” she said. “She had a tooth out, and that’s how they found she had cancer.” With this terrible experience haunting the back of her mind, she resorted to do-it-yourself dentistry to solve her dental problems.

Repercussions and Solutions

Dental phobia may have contributed to her poor oral health, but it’s also her smoking habit that gradually damaged her teeth further. Within the decade that she had been using superglue to keep her teeth in place, she lost over 90 percent of the bone supporting all her teeth in the upper jaw.

Only recently, she found the courage to walk to a dental office and used her life savings to receive emergency dental surgery. During the surgery, 11 of her top teeth were extracted, while six titanium screws were inserted into her jaw, along with 12 new teeth permanently attached to them. Needless to say, her smile drastically improved after, and shared that she gained a new sense of self-confidence and no longer feels ashamed when talking to other people, including her son.

How Sedation Dentistry can Help

Barlow’s tale is just among the many others showing the drastic changes dental implants can have on one’s smile, however damaged it may be. Dental implants are as strong as your natural teeth, and, with proper care, can last for years.

Are you anxious or terrified with the idea of undergoing the knife for implants? You can be relieved to know that dental clinics like Advanced Dental Care of Springfield in Springfield, IL offer sedation dentistry, making dental visits and procedures more bearable and less stress-inducing.


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Sedation Dentistry in Springfield, IL Helps People Get Over Dental Fear

Imagine going through a dental treatment feeling relaxed the whole time without experiencing any type of fear or anxiety. That’s what sedation dentistry in Springfield, IL can do for you. Sedation dentistry performed by a qualified dental practitioner makes it possible for patients to be completely relaxed throughout their dental treatment.

Patient mouth X-Ray for Sedation Dentistry in Springfield, IL
Some people completely dread going to the dentist because of their aversion to and fear of certain dental procedures—even when these are deemed truly necessary for their well-being. Unfortunately, when an important dental treatment is sidestepped, it usually leads to poor oral health, causing the patient’s dental condition to deteriorate even further. Sedation dentistry offers a way to deal with this problem.

Sedation Dentistry Benefits

Sedation dentistry enables people to go through their dental requirements while doing away with the accompanying trepidations. Furthermore, complex dental procedures (those that merit a number of visits) can be done in just one or two sessions, thanks to the procedure. These days, many dentists offer sedation dentistry as a choice to their patients who fear the dentist’s chair.

Methods of Administering Sedatives

Sedation dentistry involves the use of sedative drugs like nitrous oxide (laughing gas), Halcion (a member of the same drug family as Valium), and others. The drugs used in the procedure are not addictive and can be delivered into the patient’s system in four different ways: inhalation, intravenous (IV), oral, and intramuscular (IM). Most of the drugs used are classified as benzodiazepines, which are drugs known to reduce anxiety, insomnia, muscle spasms, and seizures.

Not for Everyone

The drugs used in sedation dentistry are generally safe, but as with any type of drug, there are certain risks attached to them. For instance, people who have obstructive sleep apnea or severe weight problems should talk to their physician first before they undergo sedation dentistry. That’s because they have a high risk of developing complications from the anesthesia.

For a lot of people, sedation dentistry administered by a capable Springfield, IL dentist has made a world of difference. They no longer fear the dentist’s chair and are able to receive the dental treatment they need to improve their lives. Discover more about the procedure and if it’s right for you. Consult with a dentist from trusted offices like the Advanced Dental Care of Springfield. Contact us today at (217) 717-4551 or


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A Dentist in Springfield, IL Can Help Patients Overcome Dental Phobia

Going to a dentist in Springfield, IL can be a terrifying thought for some. For others, it can even come to a point where they’d rather not go to the dentist at all. When they are on the dentist’s chair, they are extremely anxious and cannot relax even just for a second. Some people suffer from what is called dentophobia or odontophobia, which is the fear of dentists and is quite common among all ages. On the other hand, some are just afraid of needles, the drill, or fear that they will gag or choke during a procedure.

Overcome Dental Phobia in Springfield, IL

In fact, some studies conducted abroad, specifically in Singapore and U.K., revealed that a dentist’s attire could even influence the comfort level of patients, especially children. For one, it was noted that children and parents in Singapore preferred dentists who wear personal protective equipment. Moreover, majority of surveyed children from Singapore and U.K felt more at ease with informally dressed dentists.

One solution to dental phobia is sedation dentistry. This involves making use of sedatives to establish a relaxed and calm state. It is done through sedative drugs such as depressants and anti-anxiety medications, which could be administered in a number of ways. IV sedation used to be the most commonly used way of helping patients manage their phobia, but these days, oral sedation has become the common method because it is easy to do and there are no needles involved.

One of the main benefits of sedation dentistry is that patients often feel like their treatment or procedure only lasted less than the actual duration, and hours seem like only minutes to them. This is advantageous because some treatments that would usually require extended periods of time and even multiple visits can be done in fewer visits. Of course, sedation dentistry also benefits those who have fears of going to the dentist in the first place. Putting them in a sleep-like state would calm them down and ease their anxiety.

Those who are experiencing dentophobia shouldn’t worry anymore, because there is sedation dentistry in Springfield, IL at established practices such as the Advanced Dental Care of Springfield, so there’s no need to delay the dental treatment they need and finally bring them closer to a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile.

For more information about sedation dentistry and how Dr. VanderMolen and Advanced Dental Care of Springfield can help you overcome dental phobia, contact us at (217) 717-4551 or

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Sedation Dentistry: After the Sedation Has Worn Off

sedation-dentist.jpgWhat can I expect after the sedation has worn off?

Oral conscious sedation is a form of Sedation Dentistry that aims to support the patient in their dental care process. This is particularly important for those patients who suffer from stress and anxiety prior to a dentist’s appointment. Oral conscious sedation (OCS) relieves anxiety, and you can then face dental appointments with greater confidence.

These medications are perfectly safe and prescribed to reduce anxiety and assist patients to relax. Often, patients are so relaxed that they fall into a casual sleep throughout the procedure. However, while the dental procedure is being completed, the patient is very carefully monitored for an anxiety-free outcome.

How Will I Feel After The Procedure?

Sedation Dentistry offers a relaxing and pain-free experience.  You will be sedated at the level you need to be unaware of the treatment. After your procedure you will awake refreshed and with little to no memory of the procedure.  Dr. VanderMolen offers a comfortable and friendly environment, so you will feel safe and secure while you get the dental care you need. 

If you have questions about Sedation Dentistry, do not hesitate, call Dr. VanderMolen at (217) 546-3333 today, to contact our office and make an appointment for a discussion about the benefits.  Dr. VanderMolen is the experienced Sedation Dentist in Springfield you need to take care of all your needs.  Click here for more information on all the services available at Advanced Dental Care.