Sedation Dentistry in Springfield IL – Overview and Methods

When it comes to visiting a dentist, many patients hesitate because of the fear of suffering pain during treatment. But there is a solution and that is Sedation Dentistry. Many dentists are offering this service and there is no pain involved in this method of dentistry. Sedation Dentistry is sometimes called “sleep dentistry”; however patients do not actually sleep during the process.

Sedation dentistry involves a highly experienced dentist who can carry out the treatment process in a very relaxing manner and create a worry-free experience. It is especially for those people that worry a lot and are very anxious. One significant advantage of this procedure is that the patient feels the treatment process has gone on only for a short span of time when actually they are of full length. No anxiety or pain is felt by the patient and they have a wonderful experience with the dentist.

About 75% of people do not schedule regular dental checkups just because of fear. Due to this negligent behavior towards oral health care, they can develop various oral problems. If neglected, these problems can reach to such an extent that permanent removal of teeth is required.

Sedation Dentistry is a simple process through which the central nervous system of a patient is relaxed and disengaged. Sedation can be done using various types of drugs that can be given to the patients in different ways. A specialized dentist helps his patient in being relaxed and calm during the procedure.  Actually patients are kept awake during the entire treatment process, but some may fall asleep.


There are number of ways in which sedation can be administered. Each method of sedation has plus points or benefits but the selection of any particular method of sedation depends upon the treatment procedure.

1. Local anesthesia- injected directly into the mouth of the patient. It leaves the patient totally conscious but the patient does not feel any pain.

2. Intravenous sedation- a more intense form given to the patient, it is felt immediately and makes the patient feel that the dental process lasted only for few minutes.

3. Inhalation analgesia or laughing gas- a form of Nitrous oxide which makes the patient feel light and induces a feeling of happiness and well being. Used for longer treatment procedures like dental implants and crowns.

4. Oral sedation- in pill form, given to reduce the patient’s ability to feel the pain and react to sound.

5. Intramuscular sedation- delivered using shots, fast acting.

6. General anesthesia- used only for major surgery, especially oral surgery.

If you have a fear of the dentist or the pain and discomfort associate with treatment, do not neglect your oral health, Sedation Dentistry may be right for you.

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Sedation dentistry- Am I a candidate?


Going to the dentist is routine for many people; unfortunately for many others it is a traumatic experience. In fact some people find it so frightening that they delay or completely refuse to have the dental procedures they need.  Sedation dentistry is a way to have the dental care they need without suffering through the anxiety. 

If you are considering sedation dentistry you may be wondering if you are a good candidate.  Sedation dentistry is generally for people who have dental anxiety, possible caused by a traumatic experience at the dentist in the past.  It is also for individuals who have difficulty getting numb enough for dental procedures or who have very sensitive teeth.  People with a very bad gag reflex or who have complex dental problems are also good candidates.  Sedation dentistry is a good option for those with a fear of needles or the smells and noises associated with a dental office.   People who are not mentally or emotionally capable of understanding why they are having a needed procedure are also candidates.

Before having any procedure with sedation you should have a long talk with your dentist and give him/her your medical history to review.

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