Preventative Dentistry: Keeping up with Your Check-ups

Why adults should keep up with their dental checkups


Many of us might think that once we have grown all our teeth and our oral health has been monitored as they grow, that there is no need to make regular visits to the dentist. We may be over confident about our oral health if all we do is clean and floss our teeth daily. Most recent surveys show that periodontal disease is on the increase amongst the young adult population, and this can be halted quite easily by a regular visit to the dentist when preventative dentistry measures can be undertaken.

The majority of adults will not make an appointment to see a dentist until there is a noticeable problem, which could be an unbearable pain. Normally, by this time it is far too late.

How often should I visit a dentist?

Adults should be in the dentist’s chair for a check-up just as often as any age group, so that a possible problem can be detected before it becomes serious. General dentistry check-ups can save the patient an enormous amount of time, pain and money in restorative care in the long run. The normal time frame between each visit is 6 months, but there are situations that require check-ups more frequently.

Those most at risk are persons who are:

4648834XSmall.jpgSuffering from gum disease, recommended once every 3-4 months in order to restore the gums.

Suffering from diabetes, who often experience dry mouths and a weakened immune system. They need to visit their dentist often in order to maintain strong, functioning teeth and reduce the chances of gum disease.

Regular smokers, who should make an appointment for a check-up with a dentist at least twice yearly for possible signs of oral cancer.

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Can Fastbraces Treatments Start before my Wisdom Teeth are Out?

Can I start a Fastbraces treatment before the eruption of wisdom teeth?

Fastbraces is simply a fast and modern technique used to straighten teeth. It replaces the older longer methods that can take up to two years as it can finally realign crooked teeth in as little as 3 months to a year.

The Fastbraces method differs from the use of older style braces as it succeeds in gently moving both the root and the tooth at the same time. With the use of the older style of braces, each part had to be repositioned at a different time, which subsequently lengthened the time needed for the whole straightening procedure.

The Fastbraces treatment is suitable for both children and adults, so the stage of the wisdom teeth is of no real importance. Adjustments to wisdom teeth, or extraction if the mouth is too crowded, can occur once the tooth or teeth have erupted. In some cases, if the wisdom tooth or teeth have already erupted, it is more sensible to remove them before any orthodontic treatment takes place. In other cases, the wisdom teeth can be removed after the braces have been removed.

Whether or not the wisdom teeth need removal will be dependent mainly on the space which is available for their eruption and how they are oriented in the mouth.

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The Differences between Fastbraces and Traditional Braces

What is the main difference between braces and Fastbraces?

There are times when you to do things in a hurry, but do not want to sacrifice quality. Wouldn’t it be great of that also applied to Orthodontic treatments to straighten your teeth?  Now with Fastbraces, it does! Fastbraces are a modern alternative to the old, traditional style of braces.  With Fastbraces treatment many people have results in as little as six months!

Main differences between traditional braces and Fastbraces

  • Fastbraces take a shorter period to straighten teeth, usually 3 months to 1 year
  • Fastbraces are far less expensive than traditional braces due to the shortened treatment time
  • Fastbraces moves the roots and the crowns of the teeth at the same time

The difference is in the structure of the bracket. This new technology uses what is referred to as self-ligating brackets, which do not require the use of elastic bands or additional wire to hold them in place.

These brackets have embedded in them a sliding process so that the teeth will straighten quickly into the required position. They also reduce the likelihood of friction taking place between the wire and the brackets, which decreases the necessity to constantly visit the dentist. This is an added advantage over the more clumsy traditional braces.Smile_youngwoman.jpg

Fastbraces target the movement of roots and crowns of teeth at the same time allowing the duration of treatment to be significantly shorter. Fastbraces brackets come in a non-conventional triangular design that more efficiently lessens bone resistance to movement in a more comfortable rate.

Who can use Fastbraces?

Fastbraces can be installed in just about anyone, which includes teens and adults. A Fastbraces certified dentist can help you determine if you or your family member is a good candidate.

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Are Dental Implants Better than Dentures?

Are multiple teeth replacements better than dentures?

Multiple tooth replacement implants are synthetic substitutes for natural teeth that are life changing for thousands of people who have had to suffer problems associated with missing teeth or full or partial dentures that do not fit well. For years, people have put up with the inconvenience of using dentures to provide them with some sort of normalcy when it comes to simply eating and smiling. These days, regular dentures are almost becoming a thing of the past for those who want fixed replacement t16134352XSmall.jpgeeth in the form of dental implants.  However, for those that dentures offers the best solution, Custom Dentures offer a much more comfortable and aesthetic solution.

The advantages of dental implants

Dental implants that are fixed in the place of lost teeth serve:

  • To restore the look, feel, and functioning of natural teeth
  • To make you look better
  • To make you feel better
  • To increase your ability to chew, enjoy, and finally digest your food. 


Your speech and ability to chew can be made difficult when several, or all your teeth, are absent. Replacing multiple teeth using a series of dental implants, attached by a bridge, offers a far more permanent alternative than the use of removable dentures.

The new bridge can take all the normal pressure that strong natural teeth do naturally. This will allow you to have along term solution that lets you eat what you wish. 

Benefits of multiple teeth replacement versus removable dentures

  • It preserves the jawbone and general facial appearance.
  • Only normal cleaning and flossing need to be used.
  • Replacement will last decades if looked after with care.
  • It is a stable, secure solution that gives you a normal look and function.

Custom Dentures by Dr. VanderMolen

Custom dentu


res can be made to suit the patient’s mouth but they still need to be removed and do not offer the strength and stability of multiple teeth replacement using the dental implants and bridge procedure. Dr. VanderMolen takes great care to create the best-fitting, best-looking custom dentures for each individual.  Custom Dentures offer a much more natural look than standard dentures, giving you a great result for a price that works for your budget.

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What is the Recovery Process Like for Cosmetic Dental Procedures?

Recovery process for popular cosmetic dental procedures

There is a recovery time for all dental procedures, but as time goes by and new methods are developed, the recovery period often shortens. This means sleepless nights and time off work are reduced to an absolute minimum.

Dental Veneers

Today, dental veneers are an amazingly different experience from earlier versions of this popular cosmetic dental procedure. The porcelain used is much thinner and much less conductive, which means an increase in dental sensitivity. The complete procedure now even takes less than 3 hours, and the recovery time is far shorter than in the past as the process needs far less anesthetic used to alleviate pain.

Dental Implants

With dental implants, as with any sort of surgery, the recovery period can vary depending on the type of procedure and the needs of the individual patient. Generally, the following are commonly experiences for patients after the procedure has been completed:

  • Prescription pain medication is normally a necessity for 2-3 days.
  • Swelling that may be a result of the procedure usually reaches a peak within a 24-36 hour period, then reduces at a steady pace and returns to normal within 3-5 days
  • Patients can normally return to work 2-3 days after the surgery, if swelling in the face area is not a concern.
  • A normal amount of physical activity and exercise can also re-start after the 2-3 day recuperation time.8174011Small.jpg

For a single implant situation, there is normally only minor swelling and very little pain that requires medication. A patient is able to go back to their usual routine the next day. In both situations, the area might still be tender for 1-2 weeks afterwards as the tissues go about the full healing process.

The healing time may be greater if any molar extractions have taken place. It is impossible to reduce the healing time, but it can be delayed if you are a smoker, fail to eat a proper diet, fail to clean your teeth sufficiently, or if you have a medical condition, like diabetes.

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