The High Costs of Neglecting Your Teeth

It’s true; many Americans are neglecting their teeth.  With limited dental coverage provided by insurance companies, many visit the dentist only when a serious problem arises.  However, skipping your regularly scheduled dental check-ups can result in long-term costs to your health and your bank account. Preventative Dentistry is essential to a healthy mouth and body.

If you are waiting until you are in pain to visit the dentist, you are waiting too long.  A small cavity may not cause pain until it has reached the root of the tooth.  A relatively cheap and quick procedure to fill a cavity can prevent the need for a root canal, removal or implant which can cost thousands of dollars per tooth.  During your regular dental visits, you will also be screened for signs of oral cancer.  A recent study found that oral cancer is now the most expensive type of cancer to treat, with the average annual costs at almost $80,000 per year.  The problem with most oral cancers is that they are uncovered so late in the disease that treatment is extremely difficult; early detection is the key to combating the treatment costs.

It is a fact that good oral hygiene is essential to overall health.  Poor dental care can lead to all sorts of other health issues, including the number one killer in America: Cardiovascular disease.  Oral bacteria build up when teeth are neglected and have been linked to clogged arteries and stroke. Another type of heart disease, endocarditis, has also been linked to bad dental hygiene.   Heart disease alone costs over 300 billion dollars in health costs each year in the U.S.

In addition to visiting Dr. VanderMolen regularly for cleaning and check-ups, there are steps you can take on a daily basis to increase your oral health; regular brushing and flossing, a healthy diet low in sugar and avoidance of tobacco products.

It’s never too late to take control of your oral care.  Contact Advanced Dental Care of Springfield today at (217) 546 – 3333, and set up an appointment.  Dr. VanderMolen can provide you with a custom assessment analyze your risk factors and get you back on track to better health.

Fastbraces®: Safe, Quick, and Comfortable

Fastbraces® short treatment sounds good, but will I still have a mouth full of metal?

Fastbraces® technology evolves around a unique concept in the field of orthodontics.

Fastbraces have been named so because they are able to correct misaligned teeth from

Get Fastbraces®: safe, quick and comfortable!

Get Fastbraces®: safe, quick and comfortable!

about a year to sometimes as little as 3 months. Traditional braces carry out tooth movement in two phases. The first phase is meant for the movement of the crown of the teeth alone. In the second phase, the roots of the teeth acquire the new desired positions. It takes almost two years for the completion of the whole process. Fastbraces®, on the other hand, can do the same work in a shorter span because the crown and the root of the tooth move as a unit to the new desired position.

Most of you may be apprehensive about having the mouth full of metal throughout the span of treatment. Fastbraces® are extremely comfortable when compared to the traditional braces. The bracket and the wire used in the treatment procedure are quite different from the ones used in conventional braces.

The brackets used are triangular in shape with the slot at a raised level and a distinctive elbow shape. The triangular shape has its own significance as it increases the distance between two brackets. The increase in distance leads to enhancement in flexibility. The wire used in Fastbraces® is made out of nickel-titanium alloy and has the unique property of shape memory. It is activated from the heat of the oral cavity and a single wire is enough to bring about the tooth movement

The new version of Fastbraces®, Fastbraces Clear, consists of ceramic braces and is meant for those who give prime importance to aesthetics. While using Fastbraces Clear, there is no metal on display.

When you have so many options to straighten your teeth, why should you settle for conventional? Call (217) 546-3333 for an appointment with Dr. VanderMolen, Springfield’s first and only certified Fastbraces® provider.

Get Fastbraces®: safe, quick and comfortable!

Dentistry From the Heart 2013


Dentistry From The Heart is a worldwide nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free dental care to those in need and each year, Advanced Dental Care of Springfield is proud to participate.

On June 7th from 7:30 am until 4pm, Dr VanderMolen and the entire team will offer free dental care (a standard cleaning, single filling or single tooth extraction – no cosmetic services provided) to those people in the Springfield IL area in need of care.

There will be no charge for the services provided and all care is offered on a first come, first served basis. No appointments will be taken this day.

We sincerely hope to make a difference in the lives of those who come for help during our 2013 Dentistry From the Heart event on June 7th and we’ll do everything we can to relieve pain and fix dental problems.

Patients who need ongoing care or have problems that cannot be corrected in one day will be referred to area community clinics, where they can receive ongoing treatment at a low or no cost.

Learn more from Dr. VanderMolen on Ask the Expert: 2013 Dentistry From the Heart


Missing Teeth, Missing Nutrition

A normal, healthy adult mouth has a complete set of 32 teeth. Each type of tooth has its own great role to play in the health and nutrition of an individual.  If teeth are missing congenitally or due to any other reason like dental decay or trauma, the overall health can be influenced detrimentally without the proper preventative care.

Good Nutrition & Good Dental Health go Hand-in-Hand

Good Nutrition & Good Dental Health go Hand-in-Hand

Our teeth break down the food that we eat into smaller pieces that are easy to digest. If we have missing teeth, our food may not be chewed adequately which can lead to digestion issues. The nutrients within the food cannot be extracted completely if it undergoes incomplete or improper digestion. Besides, undigested foods form an excellent source of nutrition for bacteria inhabiting colon causing problems. All these symptoms can, in turn, take their toll on the overall health of a person.

There can be a profound psychological impact of missing teeth on an individual. One may have to avoid foods that used to be his/her favorites. This leads to depression and frustration and the person starts experiencing a reduced quality of life. Harder-to-eat foods like nuts, some type of meats and tough fruits are the ones that are mostly avoided. When one avoids such healthy foods, nutrition can be adversely affected.

Missing teeth should never be dealt with lightly. Dental implants are one of the best solutions for teeth replacement. They look and function like natural teeth. An important fact about dental implants is that they act as an independent unit. They do not derive support from neighboring natural teeth. You can chew almost anything and relish all your favorites without hesitation. They are the type of tooth replacements with highest chewing efficiency especially compared to removable dentures. Dental implants will help you eat healthy and stay healthy!

Why should you suffer due to missing teeth? Just call Advanced Dental Care at (217) 546-3333 for an appointment with Dr. VanderMolen and get your missing teeth replaced with dental implants! For more information, consider attending one of our Free Dental Implant Seminars!

Custom Dentures: What Makes Ours Different?

What makes Dr. VanderMolen’s Custom Dentures different?

Dentures are artificial and removable replacements of lost teeth. Generally, they are made from a special combination of light metals and plastics. In most cases, plastic dentures are designed to rest on the gums while metal dentures are meant to be supported by the other natural teeth anchored in the gum.

Dentures are a common solution to dental problems and they are often cheaper than other options available; this is especially true where most or all teeth need replacing. Dentures also require daily maintenance; they need to be removed often and cleaned thoroughly to help in the prevention of diseases and other infections.

There are many types of dentures available that look and feel artificial.  You might be FatherDaughter_smiles_300w.jpgwondering what separates Dr. VanderMolen’s custom dentures from the rest. The answer lies in their extremely natural appearance and experience.  This is because they are custom made and handcrafted according to each client’s personalities, gender, age and their physical appearances.

Dr. VanderMolen will do everything possible to ensure that his client’s smile remains as natural as possible.

The highly trained denture technicians at Advanced Dental Care of Springfield receive specific and detailed instructions to handcraft all dentures with tissue color matching the client’s natural gums and facial complexion. To make the dentures appear youthful and more natural, a very modern and special technology is used.

The dentures are composed of acrylic teeth consisting of three layers which serve to make the dentures appear as natural as the real teeth. To avoid that common, unnatural look, Dr. VanderMolen’s dentures are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and natural shades to cater for each and every client. The materials involved are made using the latest technology.  The final product is not only light weight but extremely durable as well.

These dentures are also injection-molded, heat and pressure cured to reduce the sizes of the pores in the denture material. This creates a final product with a great polish which is also resistant to staining. The injection molding process also makes it difficult for plaque and bacteria to grow, eliminating foul smells and reducing the likelihood of a bacterial infection.   On top of all of that, Dr. VanderMolen’s dentures come with a twelve month guarantee!

To learn more about these natural custom dentures, call the friendly staff at Advanced Dental Care of Springfield at (217) 546-3333 to set up an appointment with Dr. VanderMolen. We’ll have you on your way to a smile you’ll love!