Things to Know Before Having a Springfield, IL Dentist Whiten Your Teeth

Teeth aren’t called “pearly whites” for nothing. A bright smile showing perfect white teeth is a beauty standard. Anyone with good teeth can look more attractive than one who makes do with her crooked or stained teeth. Teeth whitening can be done DIY or professionally, though the latter is always recommended. Below are some of the useful things you need to know before you go for whitening services from your local Springfield, IL dentist.

Teeth whitening in Springfield, ILProfessional Whitening Is Better – Professional whitening is still the king of the hill when it comes to producing desirable results much faster. In-house whitening is also considered the safest whitening procedure there is due to the latest improvements in teeth whitening products and applications. For instance, gum and tooth sensitivity may have prevented people from trying teeth whitening before, but thicker peroxide gels have made such issues more manageable.

It Can Be Done Anytime – You can go for professional teeth whitening anytime you see fit, and you can have it retouched down the line. There’s no literal “perfect time” to whiten teeth professionally, you’ll just have to find time for it.

It Isn’t Permanent – Teeth whitening isn’t a one-time event. You’ll have whiter teeth after the procedure sure enough, but you need to maintain them. Over time, teeth will gradually get discolored depending on your lifestyle habits; enamel, after all, is porous (peppered with microscopic holes that can absorb staining agents). Don’t leave your local Springfield, IL cosmetic dentistry center like the Advanced Dental Care of Springfield without obtaining some tips for care.

It’s not for Everyone – Professional teeth whitening isn’t for everyone. Crowns, fillings, and other dental work are invulnerable to whitening products. In addition, inherently sensitive teeth, and allergies to substances like peroxide should have you proceed with caution.

Professional teeth whitening is extremely effective at removing organic stains that are primarily caused by aging, certain foods, and vices (i.e. tobacco use). In contrast, inorganic stains caused by certain medications or trauma (a blow causes dentin inside teeth to darken) are resistant to whitening procedures. Consult with Dr. Matt VanderMolen at Advanced Dental Care of Springfield for alternative whitening solutions. Contact us today at (217) 717-4551 or

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