Missing Teeth? A Dentist Can Use Dental Implants to Restore Your Smile

In the past, people with missing teeth either had to learn to live without them or have dentures made. Unfortunately, dentures did not feel or look natural. Even worse, dentures had the tendency to come loose or fall out while speaking or eating. Fortunately, dental clinics like the Advanced Dental Care of Springfield offer a more modern solution: dental implants.

Dental Implant Smile Restoration in Springfield, IL

Dentures vs. Implants

There are several reasons why you should ask your dentist for an implant instead of dentures. For one, dental implants don’t move around. Implanted directly into the jaw, dental implants feel like natural teeth. There are other advantages to dental implants being as natural as possible; they are very durable and function like your real teeth. You’ll feel that you’ve actually got your teeth back, which can be a huge confidence booster.

Another reason for opting for dental implants is their lack of maintenance. Dentures are rather fragile. They need to be cleaned every day and should be handled with the utmost care. On the other hand, the only maintenance dental implants need is the same care a normal tooth receives. In fact, your implants can last a lifetime with proper care.

The Process

If you’re interested in getting dental implants from a dentist in Springfield, IL you’ll need to know the basic procedure. It all starts with the development of a specific treatment plan for you. This is because each mouth is unique and your dentist will need to personalize your treatment. Several examinations will be done, both visually and with the use of x-rays and MRIs, to confirm you are eligible to get implants. These examinations also reveal whether you will have to go through other treatments before you can get implants. Once the treatment plans are finalized, the procedure starts.

The implant, which is often a small piece of titanium, is placed into the space left behind by the missing tooth. After the titanium is implanted, your dentist will give your jaw the time it needs to heal and to integrate the implant. After a few months of healing, an abutment is placed over the implant. This is where the replacement tooth is placed.

Smile with Confidence

With all of this done, your teeth will look and feel brand new. After receiving dental implants, don’t be afraid to smile with confidence so that people can see your perfect set of teeth.


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Modern-Day Dental Implants: Convenient, Comfortable, and Effective

In the past decades, merely the idea of having dental implants placed on their mouth was enough to make one shiver in fright. Back then, having implants involved the implantation of various types of devices in the patient’s jaws, particularly between their periosteum and their alveolar or basal bone. Whether these contraptions yielded a huge success rate or not remains to be a mystery, yet these inspired researchers to continually develop and further improve implants.

Dental Implants in Springfield, IL


Development of Dental Implants

Even during the prehistoric times, man strived to look for ways to replace lost teeth, be it due to trauma or severe periodontal disease. During those times, replacement teeth were made of raw materials like shells, small stones, or carved wood. As civilizations emerged and technology rose, dentures became a more sophisticated invention. However, although the introduction of dentures made it possible for most people to restore their smiles, these early versions often found unstable.

There was also a time in its history when dental implants had an unfortunate reputation of being an ineffective solution for tooth loss, most likely borne out of high percentages of complications and catastrophic failures. Furthermore, the surgical and prosthetic techniques used for the placement of dental implants were only mastered by the most skilled surgeons and clinicians.

Fortunately, with recent and continuous improvements on implants, all these issues have become nothing else but a thing of the past. Today, dental implants are viable solutions for tooth loss, easily available from dentists everywhere.

A Breakthrough Innovation

The modern dental implants everyone is now seeing was almost an accidental invention by researchers in Goteborg, Sweden. While previous types of dental implants were made of metal, theirs were made of titanium. Titanium, according to these researchers, has the property of being biocompatible, making it possible for the material to be implanted in the bone without fear of generating a chronic inflammatory or allergic response.

The design for their first fixtures, however, was different from what everyone is accustomed to today. Back then, implants resembled the shape of a saddle, which then overlapped the alveolar ridge and was secured by a transalveolar screw.

Today, dental implants have screws for fixtures, and are placed into the jaw bone to replace the missing tooth. Traditionally, the artificial roots for these implants are made of either titanium or alloy, both of which are strong and has a low risk of rusting or bending.

Dentists like those from Advanced Dental Care of Springfield in Springfield, IL are more than capable of safely placing dental implants on your teeth. There should be no reason now for you to not have a beautiful smile with your complete set of pearly whites.


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