Teeth Whitening With Charcoal – Dr VanderMolen Shares His Views

Dr. Vandermolen was recently interviewed by Newschannel 20 about using charcoal to whiten teeth. The truth is that the charcoal won’t actually whiten teeth, but only removes surface stains caused by coffee or smoking.

He further explained: “When people start to brush this charcoal substance on there, we’re not really sure about how abrasive charcoal is, and if it’s too abrasive, and studies show that it might be, then you’re taking away enamel off of your teeth. So, you’re taking stain, but you’re also taking enamel away, and you don’t grow enamel back.”

To be absolutely certain you’re not doing any damage to your teeth while whitening them, consult with your dentist as they’ll be able to offer suggestions and provide recommendations for ways to safely whiten your teeth.

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For more information watch the entire video below:

Source: Newschannel 20